Sunday, March 13, 2011

Feelings, yuck!!

Have you ever felt overwhelmed and underwhelmed at the same time? I have had those two feelings all this past week. I have projects coming out of my ears to be posted, but have not had the energy to take the pictures and put them up.
As I sit here typing, the thought comes to me that, maybe, just maybe, I might be suffering from Spring Fever. That has to be it. I sit and look outside and long for a walk, but know that as soon as I step out, the wind will have me scurrying back in. It's just not that warm out yet.
The weathermen are forecasting upper 40's to low 50's for the end of this coming week, but it just seems so far away with the low 30's still hanging around.
Ok, well I am going to get off my little, whoa-is-me, and let you know that I am going to come back with a vengeance this week! {If I say it, it will happen, right?}
So, here is to warmer weather coming, and projects and some announcements this week!!


  1. Come visit me! It is warmer here and I miss you!

  2. Good luck! I'm looking forward to healthy children and spring weather myself. Hugs- Glora