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Final Holiday Spirit Winner!!!

Hello ladies! I have our final Holiday Spirit Winner, but before I let you know who it is, I just want to thank you all for being followers. With so many other blogs out there, it is so wonderful to know that you all still take some time out to visit me here.

Congratulations to QC Kelsey!! Please email me at albertsdob {at} gmail {dot} com!! Thanks so much everyone for playing along!

I am going to share with you some hopes of mine {not resolutions} to accomplish, at least for the first half of the year. I am writing them here more for myself than anything else, so that I can look at them and be reminded of what I would like to happen.

  • Be more creative. {Not necessarily make tons more projects, but step outside of the box and think of things in new ways.}
  • Scrapbook more. {I had been so focused on cards last year that I really let the ball drop on documenting our lives. I love the looks on my daughters' faces when they look through the scrapbooks and remember things that they might have forgotten or ask questions that help make me remember.}
  • Be a better blogger. {As you might have noticed, I am a very sporadic blogger, and mostly only post when I have a project due or something specific is going on for a design team. I want to change that by making more things for myself and family and friends. That's why I really got started doing this, because I love sharing what I make.}
  • Document more. {This really goes along with the scrapping more, but needs it's own bullet point, because when I do scrap, I rarely journal. Not because I don't feel it is important, but because I often feel at a loss when it comes to writing things down. You probably don't know this, but when I was a teen I wrote constantly, whether it be poems, short stories or the beginnings of novels. Since I have started a family{about 14 years ago} I have let that fall completely off and I feel that I have lost the ability to make my words hold any meaning.}
  • Be a better friend. {I truly love my friends and would do anything for them, but I doubt they know that. I have let some things this past year really bring me down at times, and that often made me go into hibernation mode for most of the year. When that happens I tend to shut everyone out, and that eventually pushes the people I care about away.}
  • Give more. More time, more money and yes, more giveaways!{I am so fully blessed with everything I have in my life. I often take those things for granted, especially my family, and I really couldn't ask for anything more.}


  1. Beautiful hopes DoBea! You worded them perfectly! I completely understand what you mean on almost all of these. It sounds just like ME and what I would like to accomplish and work on. Hugs- Glora

  2. What a wonderful list!!! I too couldn't agree with these more...I could have written them all for myself (and probably should have!!!) - except for the writing as a teen...I don't think I was ever gifted that way! But I really DO need to do it more on my scrapbook pages - and actually work on the pages to begin with! Thanks for the inspiring and motivational post!!!

  3. Eeek! Thanks. I have sent you an email!

    Huh. Your list reads like mine would. I want to be more creative in all aspects of my life, get back into simply crafting more (difficult with my schedule - haven't done much in the last few years), I totally suck now as a blogger, but I hope to be better, your document more = my write more - I've been working on a book series since 2010 and have always loved and been drawn to writing and I need to buckle down and get it all out, and I am 100% with you on the better friend. Sadly, I take advantage of the fact that I have good friends - and I leave them off to the wayside knowing they will be there for me when I need them. But what about when they need me? I need to be a better friend. And I think everyone should strive to give more! More love, more hope, more time, more more more everything! Great list!


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