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Getting back into the Groove!

So, today was my first day back at work, and I am so glad to be back! I am so extremely lucky to have a great group of girls to work with who always keep things entertaining! I am busy plugging away at getting next month's Peachy Picks Kit together, and I think this will for surely be my favorite so far. I can't give away any details yet, but gosh, these are gorgeous colors!!

Besides work, our oldest started her fitness program today for the sports season coming up at school. She missed the first three weeks because of our vacation, and boy, I don't think she was ready for what they put her through!!

Okay, on to some more pictures from our vacay!

As we sat and waited for Mt. Rushmore to be lighted at night, they had a wonderful program that honored all of the veterans and current military soldiers that were visiting the park at the time. There were well over 100 men and women who stood on that stage as well as one veteran from World War II. It was extremely touching and I was so glad that my family was able to be there for that.

And finally a picture from a long day of driving. I sleep most of the time in the car when we are on trips {I get very car sick, yuck!} and rarely get pictures along the way.


  1. beautiful photos :)
    we would move to Wyoming if it didn't snow! lol

  2. What fun pictures! We are just on our way home from Wyoming - getting ready to move there (YIKES!) - so I recognize that picture QUITE well! Saw a lot of that scenery! Glad your back home safe!


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