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Spooky Fun!

Hello, Ladies! I am back with a layout. I know I havn't done one for a while, so here it goes. This is one that I made for a display in the store. Like I have said before, I completely love Halloween! This layout was made using the Blackbird collection from My Minds Eye. I know I have been using that company a lot lately, but I have been infatuated with all of their lines lately.
I have come to the conclusion that I need to start journaling more. I've known that I needed to start doing it, but the thought absolutely frightens me. Do you have problems journaling at all? I don't really know what the problem is, but it might have to do with the fact that someday, a future grandchild might pick up one of those books and say to their mom, "What the heck was Grandma DoBea talking about?" I tend to get lost in what I am trying to say most of the time, and it is no different when I am speaking out loud. My words end up getting jumbled with thoughts, and then it all gets messed up.
Do you have any special ways to get your journaling down?


  1. ADORABLE!! The girls are adorable, too!! ;) I kept a journal since I was pregnant with both girls. It's just choosing what to put in a layout that freaks me out!! I wrote their journals as if I were writing letters to them. I talk about things they probably won't understand at 5 or even 10, but one day I hope they will appreciate their letters from their mama. :)


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